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求英语日记10篇 80字左右

Though my daily life is extremely monotonous,I try hard to adapt myself to it.Why?Because I intend to be a good student.I wish to render service to my country.
I get up at six o’clock every day.After I wash my face and brush my teeth,I begin to review my lessons.I go to school at seven o’clock.
After school is over,I return home.We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework.I want to finish it before I go to bed.
One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country.She bade me take good care of him.
While we were walking along the road,the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently.We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees.The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful).
When we felt tired,we returned home.We saw Mother (our mother) wait (waiting) for us at the door.
Yesterday was my birthday,so some of my classmates sent me presents.Mother prepared a tea party for me.I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six.There were cold drinks and refreshments.We ate,talked and laughed.We felt that we were the happiest men in the world.Time passed quickly.In a twinkling,the clock on the wall struck nine.We could not but say “Good-bye” to one another.
No sooner had the summer vacation begun than I returned to my native town.Of course I must make good use of it; otherwise I would incur the displeasure of my parents.
In the morning I reviewed my lessons and read newspapers or magazines.In the afternoon I played ball games with my friends or went fishing in the river.At night (In the night) I watched television with my family (the members of my family).hardly had the clock on the wall struck ten when I went to bed.
5.It was sunny today.I was excited.I got up at a quarter to seven.I made a appointment to meet my friends at nine o’clock.After I had my breakfast,I went to the JUSCO Market .It was hot outside.When I arrived,my friends didn’t arrive.I waited for them in front of the 2nd door of JUSCO.I haven’t seen them for a year.And in a year,we didn’t come into contact with others frequently.About ten minutes left,my friends arrived one by one.After we greeted,we went to play table tennis in Jingyu Gymnasium nearby JUSCO.The match last for tow hours.Oh!I fill very happy today!
6.It is a special day today.My mother sent one hundred basket of red bayberries.I like to eat red bayberries.It tastes nice.When they arrived in Shanghai,they were still fresh.But most of them would be sent to my mother’s business friends.I chose the best basket of red bayberries to eat.I put the rest in my refrigerator.Red bayberry is my hometown’s special product.It is well-known in china.Many people like to eat it.
7.Today,I still went to my mother’s office.My mother was very busy,so was my father.They always live in Beijing.They must get up early.Because they will manage the factory.So I know they are very laborious.So I should save my money.Also I should help them.Although I can’t do something useful,but I think I should share the work with them.I am one of my family member.In the future,I will take a job and work.It’ time for me to begin to learn how to work.
8.I went out with my friends.They are my best friends in the middle school.We didn’t go to someplace special.We just saw the other.We had lunch together.While we were having lunch,we were still talking about the new school and new friends.Yes!A year later,we have grown riper.And we learned much more things and got new life.We haven’t enough time to play,to waste and to lose the way.We only have two years.Two years to go,we will get the real life which belongs to us. exhibition
Today,It"s very interesting,I with my brother went to the art exhibition.
In the art exhibition,I saw the many draw a portrait,It"s very interesting,My favorite is the one painting the sky,It"s very beautiful.painting is the blue bird days and there were clouds,what a wondeful ah,There many,many paintings,very beautiful.
Today is a great day,Hope that also the case.
10.Today Mailehaoduo clothes,and parents take to the streets is happy,the parents have to pay to buy things.Unlike in their street to buy things they like to take a long time but saw the price,Ha-ha,is really very happy.I love my parents,I too thank them for the care and love.



t is sunny today.I am happy because of the fine day.So,I went to the part with my parents.In the beautifui place ,we played happily,we were happy we all enjoyed very much.Today maked me very glad,I am sure:the new term is coming ,the happy day will give me the good luck,I can get better results.Tomorrow will be better!这是晴朗的一天.我上午很愉快因为这是美好的一天.所以,我和我的父母去公园.在美丽地方,我们很愉快,很享受,我们是happywe 非常所有被享用.今天 我非常高兴,我肯定新学期来临,愉快的天将给我好运气,我可能取得更好的结果.明天将是更好!
I went to visit the Great Wall with my friends during the summer vacation.We
went there by bus.It took us about two hours to get there.It was hot and windy
that day.There were thousands of people.When we saw a group of foreigners,we
went up and talked with them.We told them lots of history of the Great Wall.
They were very surprised when they saw that our English were exellent and we
knew a lot about the Great Wall"s history.They thanked us a lot and we really
had a good time.We felt proud of ourselves and being
It was sunny and very hot today.I got up early and helped my parents cook
breakfast.Then I washed the dishes and cleaned the room.After a short rest I
did my homework in the morning.In the afternoon I went swimming in the nearest
swimming pool with my friends.It was really cool to swim in such a hot day.I
surfed the internet and read a storybook in the evening.I really had a busy and
interesting day.
I went to the home for the aged with my friends on July 30th.As soon as the eldly people saw us,they were all happy.1.We sang songs and danced for them.Then we helped the worker clean the rooms and washes the clothes.They praized us a lot and said that we were good boys.Although we felt tired,we had a good time.


日记 80字

There are three people in my family,my parents and I.My family is pretty good.I’m really happy.
My father is a manager.He doesn’t like watching TV,but he likes reading newspaper and read it every night.He like telling jokes.He always plays jokes on his friends and my family,and always makes us laugh.
My mother is a teacher.She works in a Xiao wei.She has good habits.She likes eating vegetables and drinking milk every day.But She likes watching Beijing Opera at free time.She says it’s good for her to keep young and it can make her relaxed.
My families are always doing what is best for me.They are always on my side.
I love each person in my family.I love my sweet warm home.


根据下面提示写一篇80字左右的日记.1、5月2日,星期六,天气晴朗; 2、上午9点,我和同学们一起去农...
参考词汇:养蚕raise silkworms


May 2 Saturday Sunny
Today,I visited the countryside with my classmates at 9 o "clock in the morning,I was very excited.
We saw many paddy fields and woods, along the village factories, shops and schools,All this for me is very strange! I can"t wait for more.
From 10a.m to 12a.m , we visited 10 farmhouse, learned a lot of farmers to get rich by planting vegetables and raising silkworms,Some bought the computer, life is much better than before,I was so happy for them!And they were very friendly and hospitable,it is said that a few American friends will come to visit , I really want to stay here!
I had a great time,sincerely hope that their life is getting better and better,I also hope I can come here again .







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别作得太离谱了 正常点的

July 6 2009 It was the first day of our summer holiday.All of us were very happy.Why?Because we have one months to do things we love to do.We are free.Although we have some homework.But we can finish them in several days.And the rest time we can make good use of.My god!We have been very tired after hard studying.In winter holidays,I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself.Last but not the least,I will have a good rest.这是第一天,我们的暑假.我们大家都非常高兴.为什么?因为我们有一个月的事我们都爱做的事.我们很空闲.虽然我们有一些功课.但是,我们可以完成他们的若干天.其余的时间我们可以好好利用.我的上帝!我们已经很疲惫后很难学习.在冬季假期,我希望能有充分的很好吃的食物,以补充自己.最后但并非最不重要,我会好好休息.July 9 2009 It was the second day of our summer holiday.I felt good.I felt I am free.I had a lot of time to do things I like.My parents are in Zhongshan.So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely.But I didn’t do something special.I stayed at home and watched TV.Oh!I wrote an Englishdaily composition.It was my homework.Today,I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired.It was time for dinner.I must go!I am very hungry.这是我们第二天的暑假.我感觉很好.我觉得我很自由.我有很多时间做我喜欢.我的父母都在中山.所以,我独自生活,但我并不感到孤独.但是,我没有做什么特别.我住在家里看电视.噢!我写了英语日记组成.这是我的功课.今天,我睡了14 小时.我以为我很疲惫.现在是吃晚饭.我必须去!我非常渴望.





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